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Our math program aims to ensure that students understand essential mathematical concepts.  Each lesson is designed to complement the most important Mathematical Standards while giving students the opportunity to think deeply about mathematics at their own pace and level. Our approach allows students to absorb and master math skills for long-term success in academia as well as the real world.

The enriched program emphasizes:

  • Discovery of mathematical patterns and algorithms
  • Creation of procedures based on knowledge of previous concepts
  • Mathematical intuition and reasoning founded on prior knowledge
  • Vocabulary development to reinforce major concepts
  • Critical thinking to complete in-depth problems

Our program will both strengthen your child’s math abilities and introduce them to the power of mathematics. Through our engaging math sessions, your child will be provided a balance between the how (procedures, algorithms, keeping work neat) and the why (deriving formulas, connecting representations, explanations) of math. This program will provide students with a deep and meaningful understanding of mathematics. Sign up today! (408) 516-6835