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Summer Class Schedule

Your child can rejuvenate skills in

Writing, Reading, & Math

Dear TSC Parents:

The following schedule below is for our classes being offered during the summer beginning Monday, June 16th, 2014 and will continue through August 15. We are providing morning and afternoon availability offered twice per week.

Sign up before June 11th and receive immediate savings.
Enroll your child in an additional class and receive 25% off the second regular class price.

Elementary Math: 11 am or 3 pm Monday and Wednesday
Elementary Reading/Writing: 11 am or 3 pm Tuesday and Thursday

Middle Math/Algebra: 12 pm or 4 pm Monday and Wednesday
Middle Reading/Writing: 12 pm or 4 pm Tuesday and Thursday

H.S. Math: 1 pm Monday and Wednesday
H.S. Writing: 1 pm Monday and Wednesday

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Spaces are limited!