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What are Our Parents Saying

We have been at TSC Academics for about 3 months and have already seen an improvement in our son’s school work.  We came to TSC Academics because our son was struggling in school, mainly in math, and we wanted to help him.  Fron the beginning, TSC was warm and friendly and our son instantly felt comfortable.

Since being at TSC Academics, our son has definitely improved in his math skills. He is able to complete problems quicker because he understands more. He gets along well with the tutors.  We usually struggle with our son when it comes to homework, but at TSC, he is eager to do his homework. The tutors working one on one with him have definitely helped his understanding and in doing so, have given him a boost in his confidence.  There has been an improvement in his grades as well.

We would definitely recommend TSC Academics.  The tutors are wonderful, Collin is very kind and helpful, and it is wonderful to see your child, who has been struggling in a subject, begin to understand and comprehend and feel better about themselves.  That’s a wonderful feeling.

Thank you Collin and TSC Academics!!

Janet D. – Parent at Vine Hill Elementary School


Collin at TSC provided our son with results that we had hoped for; our son started first grade with self-confidence and a new interest in learning.

We are grateful to TSC for helping our son to overcome some learning difficulties. His reading is back on track and he is no longer feeling defeated.

Before our son received the excellent tutoring from Collin at TSC he was behind his class academically & his self-confidence was deteriorating quickly. Now he looks forward to school and comes home happy. We know that TSC provided a learning edge that is invaluable.

Stephen M. – Parent of 1st grader at Vine Hill Elementary School


I sent my daughter to TSC Academics in the summer of 2012.  She just graduated 3rd grade and was behind especially on the STAR testing.  By the time she finished her 1st quarter of 4th grade, she was receiving wonderful grades and her teacher had nothing but positive things to say about her improvements. Now, she has improved by two grade levels and has the potential to be the top of her class, next year. I was so happy with the results that I sent my oldest, high school daughter. She is being helped in Geometry and Chemistry and has brought back A’s and B’s on tests already.  I’m really happy with the expectations they encourage her to achieve.

Erin B. – Parent of 4th grader at Vine Hill Elementary and a Sophomore at Scotts Valley High School

A couple months ago my husband and I decided our daughter needed a little extra help with her schoolwork.  We started her at TSC Academics because our child’s teacher contacted us and told us she was too young, and was not going to be able to understand the complicated math problems that she would  encounter in 2nd grade. Haven really enjoys going to tutoring, she loves school and new challenges.  At her first parent teacher conference her teacher told us math is now her strongest subject.  I know  we made the right decisions starting her at TSC, and recently Haven said to me “I like math, Mr. Collin makes math easy!”

Danielle K. & Jake F. – Parent of 2nd grader at Brook Knoll Elementary School


To Whom it May Concern:

I highly recommend The Smart Cookies for individual education plans and tutoring.  My eighth-grade daughter needed help with her writing skills.  I sought out The Smart Cookies because there are very few tutoring companies out there that offer guidance specific to the area of writing.  I was impressed with the dramatic improvement in my daughter’s writing ability in just six months time!  I feel confident that she will be able to do well in her freshman year of high school due to the comprehensive exposure and practice of the many different writing styles and formats she learned from The Smart Cookies.

Mr. Jesberger has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, especially children.  His ability to connect with his students and his talent at teaching writing concepts, as well as other topics, is truly outstanding.  He shows great initiative and has a very positive attitude.  I appreciated his monthly written updates on my daughter’s progress as well as his flexibility in scheduling tutoring sessions to fit our schedule.

I recommend The Smart Cookies without reservation. If you have any further questions with regard to Mr. Jesberger’s background or qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Jill K.-R. – Eigth Grade Parent at Ocean Alternative


Our son started Kindergarten and my wife and I were told by his teacher that he was behind his other classmates in reading, writing, and math.  His preschool prepared him socially, but not in core subjects.  We called Mr. Jesberger to address these issues, along with being able to sit still during his homework.  Now he is proficient and up to grade level with his classmates.  My wife and I are most happy with his ability to focus, be on task, and complete his homework.  The time he has spent with tutoring has carried over into his classroom.  Since we heard that 1st grade is a big jump from Kindergarten, we continued the service for the summer and are confident he will be prepared.  The Smart Cookies is a wonderful supplement to a child’s current education.

-S.C. – Kindergarten Parent in Sunnyvale, CA


My family moved from Los Angeles to Los Gatos.   The transition became extremely difficult for my 6th grade daughter, especially completing homework assignments and preparing for tests.  I needed someone to help explain the Math content in a different way and help her become an independent learner.  I contacted The Smart Cookies and my daughter now has achieved an A in Math.  She has been on the Principal’s List (First Honors) for every report card.  The tutor has also assisted my 4th grade and 1st grade girls on numerous occasions.  It’s nice to have someone who is personable and pleasant come to my home.  I am happy that we now have tearless homework and an increased confidence.  I would recommend The Smart Cookies to anyone.

-Catrina C. – Parent at St. Mary’s School


January 19th, 2012

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Our 4th grader has been working with Smart Cookies to improve her math skills for about a month now and already she has mastered her times tables which were alluding her before and is testing higher on her class tests. She has developed a higher confidence level and learned skills in test taking that will help her in all subjects, not just math. Collin has been great to work with. He is very knowledgeable, kind and patient. The environment of the Smart Cookies office is very conducive to learning and also very fun to be in. Our daughter looks forward to her weekly tutoring sessions and her younger sister is always begging to stay for her own session. I highly recommend Smart Cookies both for subject specific help and also for general homework supervision.

-Jasmine O. – Mother of 3

Smart Cookies is the best investment we can make in our daughter’s education. The educator is a wonderful Math and Science tutor who works well with our 10 year old. Not only is our daughter above grade level but she is always prepared for the next week. Getting A’s has truly made her feel more confident in her classes.

-Michael & Tina P., 6th Grade Parents

My wife and I were trying to find solutions from our school for our 1st grader.  After limited answers from the Principal and teachers, we decided to take matters in our own hands.  I got help from Mr. Jesberger at The Smart Cookies.  We requested him twice a week at the end of the year.  As a result, when assessed, we learned that our child went up ten levels in reading.  Our feeling was correct and I hired him five days a week for the summer.  My wife and I are looking forward to a successful second grade year.

–Confidential, Proud Parents